Embarrassed Jooyeon and UEE because of main vocalist Jung-ah XD

Jooyeon and UEE talking behind cautious Jung-ah's back XD

Eyoung and her brilliant idea…or maybe not? 

Jungah strikes again

3/∞ AS offstage moments

Envious Jung-ah strikes again XD

After School Week / Day 3: Tears

Kim Uee ♡ and her witty questions ​​​​ㅋ​​ㅋ​​ㅋ 

Kaeun: “What’s beauty festival?”
Uee: “You can see new products and see performances. A lot of good looking people are coming!”

my dear and forever perfect OLD Caramel ^-^

beauty bible moment: when they talked about celebrity complexes 

catallena sexy ver by jjung omma